Thursday, November 3, 2011

We are not promised tomorrow...

My youngest daughter, who is 14, had a friend whose father was killed in a horribly tragic car accident a couple of weeks ago.  I knew there had been something wrong with my daughter since then.  I had the opportunity to talk to her last night about all that was going on and was dismayed that I had not considered the thought that the death of a friend's father would affect my daughter as much as it has.

As adults, we know that death is a part of life.  We will all lose the ones we love, family and friends alike, at some point in our lives.  We all also know that if we know Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior that our spirits will not die when our bodies do.  We know that we will go to live with our Savior for all eternity, so death is nothing to fear.  For my daughter, the thoughts she was having were not of her own death, but that of one of her parents.  It had not occurred to me that she would be experiencing anxiety like she was.

In talking with all of the children last night, we stressed the importance of living every day as if it were your last.  Love each person you come into contact with, be it family or stranger, as Jesus loves.  Treat each other, family and strangers, with the same respect that we would want returned to us.  Serve others in the name of Jesus every day.  Do all things as to the glory of the Lord Jesus every day. 

Only God knows when He will call us home to be with Him.  Until that moment, we need to be able to say we have no regrets with how we live.  We laugh, we love, we share the good news of Jesus Christ.  We must treat others as we want to be treated; we must love our neighbors as we love ourselves.  We must spend time with the ones we love, tell them and show them daily how much we love them so when the time comes, we can rejoice they are in Heaven with the Father and not think of all of the things we "should have" done or said to that person.

We must work now to repair broken relationships and return to a right standing with the Lord.  We must forgive daily and hold nothing against anyone.  Time does not heal all wounds.  Time does not repair brokenness.  Only the One True God can heal and repair. 

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