Thursday, March 3, 2016

My security, My identity

I am a horrible blogger.  I seem to go in spurts. I will post for awhile then go 2 months without making a single post. Sometimes life just interferes. Life can get overwhelming and busy and demanding.  I know mine has undergone several major changes in the last few months.  I have been unemployed for 2 months and being at home as brought back some great memories for me.  It has also forced me to be patient, wait on the Lord, and have a new appreciation for my husband that I don't believe I have had for several years.  We celebrate 20 years of marriage this summer.  God has been so great and so faithful to us throughout our years together.   

There are many reasons we have been together as many years as we have.  Before I explain how we have been married this long in today's world...let me discuss a commercial I recently saw passed around on Facebook.  Watch it at this link:

While this commercial is very sweet as the father expresses his regret at how he participated in his marriage, it struck me as interesting at how values have changed in our world.  

I grew up with a father that was out of town a lot on business and a mother who was a stay at home mom for my entire childhood. I grew up with an example of how a wife and a mother takes care of her home, her children, and her husband.  My mother didn't grumble or complain about my father's lack of household chores.  In fact, she made it her mission to make life as simple and peaceful for him while he was at home.  My siblings and I never heard them fight, argue or disagree.  They did that behind closed doors so we could maintain our love and respect for each of them.  

Not every woman has the opportunity to be a stay at home mom.  I won't be able to stay at home long this time, either, but I have learned from staying at home for these two months that I am in a place of contentment that I have not been in a very, very long time.  So why did that commercial stand out to me?  Women can forget what they are made for.  We are made to be helpmeets to our husbands.  We are made to be caregivers to our children, to our homes.  

I don't need my husband to wash his clothes, clean the dishes after supper, or any of the other menial tasks that have to be done around the house to know he loves me.  He loves me and cares for me and he shows me that in any number of ways that are his own.  From filling my tea glass to making sure my car is maintained to sending me a text in the middle of the day to let me know he is thinking about me.  I don't need grand gestures from him.  My security, my identity, my peace, and my joy is in the Lord.  I don't need my husband to fill that spot for me.  I only want to be what the Lord has designed and destined for me to be.  It is not my husband's job to serve me, though we should be servant's of all.  It is his job to provide for me, to protect my children and myself and to lead us spiritually.  

Women, be satisfied and content with your roles in your families.  God will not bless a home out of order.  He will bless a union between a man and wife that seek Him and desire to fulfill their roles within Him.  Men, if you are convicted by the Holy Spirit and feel the Lord is telling you to help more at home, then do so.  But women, don't force your husband to step outside of a role he doesn't belong in.  Your marriages and your relationships will be stronger and more peaceful when you find contentment and peace in Christ and His purpose for you as a wife, a mother, and as a woman.  

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