Thursday, January 1, 2015

The first post of 2015 - Being content in circumstances

This is my first post of 2015.  I know it has been since mid-November since I made the last post on my blog, but so many things have happened in just a few short weeks.  Most of the times I am posting something about what I have learned and giving a mini-bible lesson. This time, I want to make more of a personal post to start this year.  

2014 brought some major changes to my life...or I what I consider major changes.  The first part of the year brought some growing pains.  There were many, many spiritual attacks that just nearly broke me down.  It was so hard during the trials and tribulations to keep focus on what the Lord had planned.  There were many days and weeks when my husband and I both were just exhausted and couldn't understand why we under such attack.  It just defied reason and logic.  My father always told me that if something has no logical explanation then it has to be spiritual.  My husband and I began to pray for God's protection for our family, for peace and comfort...and relief from the fight.  It just seemed to go on and on. We started to see some relief, though the battle still raged on. 

In August, my husband and I moved into a new home.  We have waited many, many years to move into a home like this.  While it was not my dream home, it is home. It is peaceful.  It has everything I asked for in a home.  So...the moral here is when you pray  specifically  about something and receive it, don't be surprised when it doesn't take the shape or form  you thought it would.  God's blessings come in the package we need according to His plan. 

During the summer, our middle daughter was invited to join an elite college showcase softball team.  The team provided her an opportunity to play in front of college coaches from all across Texas...and the country.  She caught the attention of several of them and will be visiting some of the camps in the coming months...and into next summer.  God has allowed her to shine on this team and she has played some of her best softball this fall.  I know there are great and awesome things to come for her.

The last part of the year I changed jobs.  I can't describe the position I had for nearly 4 years.  That may be another post about for another day...but God heard my cries and honored my patience.  I had told Him that I no matter what I would not leave this position until He deemed it time and opened a door for me.  I knew that if I left that company before it was time, I would fail wherever I went.  We cannot be successful outside of the will of God. I was bound and determined to honor God, no matter my circumstances at work, with all my actions, all my words, all heart and strength.  I said,  "Lord, I am Yours.  What You have for me is better than anything I want for me.  I want only what is in Your will for my life.  I may get frustrated and I may kick, scream, and cry from time to time, but only the Will of my Father is what I want to fulfill."  Then Finally....

God opened a door for a position with a new home health agency that has been what I have been working so hard for most of my professional career.  He has blessed me while there, though it is only has been a month today.  I had no idea something like this would be available to me at this time in my life.  I had not been looking for another job, I just knew I needed to be "rescued" from where I was.  And God provided the lifeboat.  

I can't begin to describe the kind of year 2014 was for me, personally, but to see God's will and plan begin to form and take shape for my family has been a pure joy.  The year has ended now and a new year has begun.  I am content in a way I have never been before.  I am content in my professional life.  I am content in my marriage and relationship with my husband has not been stronger or deeper than it is right now.  I have asked myself why that is over the course of the last couple of weeks.  I can only say it is because I was obedient and chose to stay within the will of God.  I waited on Him to bring about what He had for me.  I did not try and step out on my own.  It's really funny (not funny haha but funny...interesting) how I started to see and feel God working in me. I have a love and respect for my husband that I have not had before.  Yes, I love him.  Yes, he is the one God made specifically for me and I for him, but the deep love and connection that has all of a sudden seemed to appear in my heart for him has been wonderful and amazing.  Why am I sharing this with you all?  I am sharing this with you all to say one simple thing:  Wait upon the Lord.  Ladies reading this, honor your husband by cultivating your relationship with the Lord and seeking His will for you individually, and you as a help meet and life partner to your husband.  Isaiah spoke truth when he said in Isaiah 40:31,

"But those who wait on the Lord shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run and not be weary; they shall walk and not faint." 

So, on the first day of this New Year, let me encourage you with just a brief glimpse of what God has done in me and for me.  No matter how tired and exhausted you are; how heavy your arms feel from constantly fighting; how weary you may be because the attacks keep coming, just remember where your refuge is and Who can give you strength.  Fight the fight and never lose sight of the Will of God...Seek His face and His righteousness and you will find peace and contentment in your heart and soul that is beyond measure and beyond your wildest imagination and deepest desires.  

I pray for God to manifest is Will in your life in 2015.  May you know the peace that passes all understanding in a way you have never experienced before.  

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