Thursday, May 2, 2013

National Day of Prayer --- Who will stand up?

Today in America is National Day of Prayer.  I find it interesting we have a national prayer day when we won't allow prayer at school, school sporting events, public meetings..etc.  I don't know if this is a nationally...federally...recognized day of prayer...I am leaning towards very, very doubtful.  At least the Christian community is banning together for one day and praying for our leaders, our government, our children, our cities, our nation, our families.  My prayer today is a little different...bear with me.
Throughout America's history, we have had great leaders rise up and lead this country.  George Washington, our first president, led us through the American Revolution and our independence from Great Britain.  Abraham Lincoln served as president through a civil war and helped to free a people from physical bondage.  Martin Luther King led a nation for the equality of civil rights to ALL people.  Ronald Reagan helped to end the cold war with the Soviet Union.  He called for the tearing down of the Berlin Wall. As controversial as this statement will be...George W. Bush led the country through one of its darkest times when the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center were destroyed. 
But...where is the leader for this time in our history?  
We have no leader that is standing up and speaking out against the atrocities that are ocurring through the violation and dessimation of our great Nation's Constitution.  Instead, we are a passive - aggressive society using social media to throw phantom blows at a government and leadership that could really care less what social media is saying.  Why are we so passive - aggressive?  Do we want to see every right we have stripped from us until we are no longer living in a democratic nation?  Do we really believe that throwing phantom blows in a non-existent boxing ring will make any impact whatsoever? 
Where is the leader for this time in our history? 
Why are the demands of the few heard and acted upon?  Because they are loud!  Every community has an activist.  Atheists have made enough noise about religion being forced on them through having to sit through public prayers that prayer is no longer allowed in most communities in this country in a public setting.  We even take "moments of silence" for those fallen heroes that return to war believing that we are honoring their sacrifice.  Since when did the needs of the few outweigh the needs of the many?  What example are we setting for our children?  What is the future of our nation with our children being forced to accept lifestyles and beliefs that do not line up with the Word of God?  How can we expect our children to be ready to lead this nation when it is their time?
Where is the leader for this time in our history?
The Body of Christ is being called to righteousness in this time. The Body of Christ is choosing to corrupt its wedding clothes by accepting the decisions made by those that seek to quiet the few.  We cannot allow our wedding clothes to be corrupted and filthy.  We must accept the call to righteousness and lead by the example set forth in the Word of God.  We must be willing to stand as so many before us and say we will not bow before false gods!  As those before us, we must stand and show a lost nation the love of Jesus Christ.  It is time now to come out and be separate.  Fellow Christians, We are the Body of Christ.  We are being built together as living stones so we may be presented spotless and blameless to the King of Kings, our Bridegroom, when He returns to call His Bride to the Wedding Feast. 
Where is the leader for this time in our history?
Why is the Christian community so quiet, as though accepting a fate already decided.   We know the end of the story.  We know the fate of the world...but why are we silent about what is being allowed to occur in the world?  Why are we being silent about the worldly traditions being absorbed into our traditional churches?  Why are so silent?!  Silence is acceptance....and unacceptable.  Body of Christ, stand up!  Prepare yourself so the world may recognize you!  This country used to use biblical standards as its moral standard and tool of measurement.  Why have we, as the Body of Christ, decided the bible is no longer worthy of being that moral compass?  Our silence in this country is deafening! 

Where is the leader for this time in our history?  Who will answer the call to righteousness?  Who will come out and be separate from the ways of the world? 

So today, on this National Day of Prayer, my prayer is simply this:

Father God, quicken the hearts, minds, and spirits of Your people.  Give us the boldness and confidence in You to take a stand when necessary.  Plant in us love for each other that we may be known to the world as Your disciples.  Give us the courage to once again set the moral standards for a lost and confused nation.  Raise up among us leaders You have qualified and justified to lead Your people during the coming times.  Let us reach those that need You.  Allow us to be Your emissaries in this world until Your return.  Amen.

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