Monday, July 9, 2012

What a Great and Mighty God we serve

I woke up this morning thinking about what a great God I serve.  He controls the rising of the sun and the going down of the same.  He controls the tides of the oceans and the blowing of the wind.  He provides even the sparrow its food from day to day.  He can move mountains, heal the sick, make the lame to walk and the blind to see.  He is King of Kings.  Lord of Lords.  He is Righteous and holy, and the one True God.  He is the Lion and the Lamb.  He is a Just God and a Mighty God.  He is the beginning of all.  He is the end of all.  He is All in All.   He is Love. 

We are His creations.  We are His adopted children.  He is our sustinence.  He is our Living Water.  He is our Bread of Life.  He holds us in His hands.  He hides us in His strong tower.  He is our Rock and our Fortress during our times of battle.  He cares for us.  He loves us. 

Carman, a Christian singer from the '80's and '90's recorded a song and later a music video called "Great God."  Carman spells out very clearly many of the attributes of our Almighty God.  You can watch the official video here "Great God." 

Our society and even our churches have forgotten what a mighty God we serve.  The churches have reduced Him to nothing but a God of love forgetting He is a just, vengeful God.  A God of wrath.  A God of right and wrong. 

There is a song I used to sing in church growing up.  It is pretty simple and goes like this:

"What a mighty God we serve!  What a mighty God we serve!  Angels bow before Him.  Heaven and Earth adore Him.  What a mighty God we serve!"

We cannot forget He is a mighty God!  He is an awesome God!  He is a God that goes beyond the simple adjectives the English language can use to describe Him.  He is so much greater than we are.  We try so hard to reduce God to something our minds can understand and by doing so we deny ourselves peace, victory, identity and security.  What we must remember is this:

 The name of the Lord is a strong tower.  The righteous run into to it, and they are safe. 
Proverbs 18:10.

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